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We Need to Think Bigger About Transit-Oriented Development

(Source: thisiscitylab)

A General Theory of Walkability


The following is an excerpt from the chapter “A General Theory of Walkability” in the book Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at A Time:

The General Theory of Walkability explains how, to be favored, a walk has to satisfy four main conditions: it must be useful, safe,…

Jeff Speck: The walkable city, or why suburban sprawl is the worst idea America ever had!


In a recent “TED Talk,” Jeff Speck makes the case for creating a more walkable America based not on design arguments, but rather on the potential to create a more economically resilient, healthier, and environmentally sustainable country.

In this video, Speck describes the economic, epidemiological, and environmental reasons why the United States must reverse the “worst idea” the country has ever had. Instead of exporting suburban sprawl and auto-oriented design, he argues that that the U.S. can set a precedent worth emulating by designing for walkability. Speck shows how we can free ourselves from dependence on the car — which he calls “a gas-belching, time-wasting, life-threatening prosthetic device” — by making our cities more walkable and more pleasant for more people.

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things